Brief profile of C.W.Landon
by Don Ambrose

Player:CW Landon

LANDON, Charles Whittington.
Born at Bromley, Kent, 30th May 1850.
Died at Ledston Hall, Yorkshire, 5th March 1903.
The son of the Rev. James T. B. Landon, the chaplain of Bromley College, he was educated at Bromsgrove School, where he was a member of the cricket eleven 1866-67. Most of his cricket was played with Gentlemen’s elevens. He first played for the Lancashire Gentlemen, but after moving to Yorkshire was chiefly associated with the Yorkshire Gentlemen 1876-1902. He also managed to play in fifteen first-class matches, six for Lancashire and nine for Yorkshire.
There is no trace of him in the 1881 Census, but his father by that time had become vicar of Ledsham, Yorkshire, and was there in the vicarage, aged 64, born at Aberford, Yorkshire, together with his wife Sarah, aged 62, born at Beverley, Yorkshire. Also present were his son James M., aged 32 born in Bromley, and his daughter Caroline S. aged 25, born at Ledsham. There are two domestic servants.


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