Shepherd Neame Kent Cricket League Second Division 2021

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08 May 2021  Broadstairs v Upchurch Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl13742
08 May 2021  Chestfield v Tenterden Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl13743
08 May 2021  Dartford v Ashford Town Hesketh Park, Dartford kcl13744
08 May 2021  Nonington v Old Dunstonians and CUACO Fredville Park, Nonington kcl13750a
08 May 2021  Old Wilsonians v Harvel Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl13751
15 May 2021  Ashford Town v Nonington Stacians Park, Ashford kcl13758a
15 May 2021  Harvel v Dartford Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl13774
15 May 2021  Old Dunstonians and CUACO v Chestfield St Dunstan's Lane, Beckenham kcl13781
15 May 2021  Tenterden v Broadstairs Morghew Park, Tenterden kcl13782a
15 May 2021  Upchurch v Old Wilsonians Holywell Meadow, Upchurch kcl13783
22 May 2021  Broadstairs v Harvel Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl13790
22 May 2021  Chestfield v Upchurch Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl13791a
22 May 2021  Dartford v Nonington Hesketh Park, Dartford kcl13792
22 May 2021  Old Wilsonians v Ashford Town Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl13800
22 May 2021  Tenterden v Old Dunstonians and CUACO Morghew Park, Tenterden kcl13804
29 May 2021  Ashford Town v Broadstairs Stacians Park, Ashford kcl13810
29 May 2021  Harvel v Chestfield Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl13825
29 May 2021  Nonington v Old Wilsonians Fredville Park, Nonington kcl13830
29 May 2021  Old Dunstonians and CUACO v Dartford St Dunstan's Lane, Beckenham kcl13831
29 May 2021  Upchurch v Tenterden Holywell Meadow, Upchurch kcl13836
05 Jun 2021  Broadstairs v Dartford Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl13842
05 Jun 2021  Chestfield v Nonington Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl13845
05 Jun 2021  Old Wilsonians v Old Dunstonians and CUACO Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl13857
05 Jun 2021  Tenterden v Ashford Town Morghew Park, Tenterden kcl13862
05 Jun 2021  Upchurch v Harvel Holywell Meadow, Upchurch kcl13866
12 Jun 2021  Ashford Town v Chestfield Stacians Park, Ashford kcl13869
12 Jun 2021  Dartford v Old Wilsonians Hesketh Park, Dartford kcl13879
12 Jun 2021  Harvel v Tenterden Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl13886
12 Jun 2021  Nonington v Broadstairs Fredville Park, Nonington kcl13890
12 Jun 2021  Old Dunstonians and CUACO v Upchurch St Dunstan's Lane, Beckenham kcl13891
19 Jun 2021  Broadstairs v Chestfield Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl13903
19 Jun 2021  Dartford v Upchurch Hesketh Park, Dartford kcl13905
19 Jun 2021  Nonington v Harvel Fredville Park, Nonington kcl13910
19 Jun 2021  Old Dunstonians and CUACO v Ashford Town St Dunstan's Lane, Beckenham kcl13911
19 Jun 2021  Old Wilsonians v Tenterden Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl13912
26 Jun 2021  Broadstairs v Old Wilsonians Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl13922
26 Jun 2021  Chestfield v Dartford Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl13925
26 Jun 2021  Harvel v Old Dunstonians and CUACO Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl13928
26 Jun 2021  Upchurch v Ashford Town Holywell Meadow, Upchurch kcl13943
03 Jul 2021  Ashford Town v Harvel Stacians Park, Ashford kcl13947
03 Jul 2021  Dartford v Tenterden Hesketh Park, Dartford kcl13956
03 Jul 2021  Nonington v Upchurch Fredville Park, Nonington kcl13964
03 Jul 2021  Old Dunstonians and CUACO v Broadstairs St Dunstan's Lane, Beckenham kcl13964a
10 Jul 2021  Ashford Town v Dartford Stacians Park, Ashford kcl13971
10 Jul 2021  Old Dunstonians and CUACO v Nonington St Dunstan's Lane, Beckenham kcl13987
10 Jul 2021  Tenterden v Chestfield Morghew Park, Tenterden kcl13989
10 Jul 2021  Upchurch v Broadstairs Holywell Meadow, Upchurch kcl13990
17 Jul 2021  Broadstairs v Tenterden Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl13995
17 Jul 2021  Dartford v Harvel Hesketh Park, Dartford kcl13996
17 Jul 2021  Nonington v Ashford Town Fredville Park, Nonington kcl14002
24 Jul 2021  Ashford Town v Old Wilsonians Stacians Park, Ashford kcl14012
24 Jul 2021  Harvel v Broadstairs Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl14026
24 Jul 2021  Nonington v Dartford Fredville Park, Nonington kcl14031
24 Jul 2021  Old Dunstonians and CUACO v Tenterden St Dunstan's Lane, Beckenham kcl14032
24 Jul 2021  Upchurch v Chestfield Holywell Meadow, Upchurch kcl14036
31 Jul 2021  Broadstairs v Ashford Town Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl14042
31 Jul 2021  Chestfield v Harvel Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl14044
31 Jul 2021  Dartford v Old Dunstonians and CUACO Hesketh Park, Dartford kcl14045
31 Jul 2021  Old Wilsonians v Nonington Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl14056
31 Jul 2021  Tenterden v Upchurch Morghew Park, Tenterden kcl14062
07 Aug 2021  Ashford Town v Tenterden Stacians Park, Ashford kcl14069
07 Aug 2021  Dartford v Broadstairs Hesketh Park, Dartford kcl14073
07 Aug 2021  Harvel v Upchurch Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl14075b
07 Aug 2021  Nonington v Chestfield Fredville Park, Nonington kcl14076
07 Aug 2021  Old Dunstonians and CUACO v Old Wilsonians St Dunstan's Lane, Beckenham kcl14076a
14 Aug 2021  Broadstairs v Nonington Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl14085
14 Aug 2021  Chestfield v Ashford Town Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl14088
14 Aug 2021  Old Wilsonians v Dartford Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl14099
14 Aug 2021  Tenterden v Harvel Morghew Park, Tenterden kcl14104
14 Aug 2021  Upchurch v Old Dunstonians and CUACO Holywell Meadow, Upchurch kcl14108
21 Aug 2021  Ashford Town v Old Dunstonians and CUACO Stacians Park, Ashford kcl14110
21 Aug 2021  Chestfield v Broadstairs Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl14117
21 Aug 2021  Harvel v Nonington Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl14121
21 Aug 2021  Tenterden v Old Wilsonians Morghew Park, Tenterden kcl14133
21 Aug 2021  Upchurch v Dartford Holywell Meadow, Upchurch kcl14136
28 Aug 2021  Ashford Town v Upchurch Stacians Park, Ashford kcl14141
28 Aug 2021  Dartford v Chestfield Hesketh Park, Dartford kcl14149
28 Aug 2021  Nonington v Tenterden Fredville Park, Nonington kcl14157
28 Aug 2021  Old Dunstonians and CUACO v Harvel St Dunstan's Lane, Beckenham kcl14158
28 Aug 2021  Old Wilsonians v Broadstairs Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl14159
29 Aug 2021  Chestfield v Old Dunstonians and CUACO Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl14167
30 Aug 2021  Harvel v Old Wilsonians Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl14169
04 Sep 2021  Broadstairs v Old Dunstonians and CUACO Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl14173
04 Sep 2021  Chestfield v Old Wilsonians Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl14177
04 Sep 2021  Harvel v Ashford Town Desmond Wood Ground, Harvel kcl14181
04 Sep 2021  Tenterden v Dartford Morghew Park, Tenterden kcl14193
04 Sep 2021  Upchurch v Nonington Holywell Meadow, Upchurch kcl14197
11 Sep 2021  Old Wilsonians v Upchurch Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl14203
11 Sep 2021  Tenterden v Nonington Morghew Park, Tenterden kcl14206
18 Sep 2021  Old Wilsonians v Chestfield The Grove, Bromley kcl14208a





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