Teams Keith Brown played for

Main FCMiddlesex (1984-1998)
Main ListAMiddlesex (1985-1998)
Other ListAMarylebone Cricket Club (1990)
Second Eleven ChampionshipMiddlesex Second XI (1981-1991)
Second Eleven TrophyMiddlesex Second XI (1986-1998)
Warwick Pool Under 25Middlesex Under-25s (1980-1987)
Hawke CupNelson (1995/96)
County ChampionshipMiddlesex (1984-1998)
MiscellaneousMiddlesex Second XI (1980-1987)
 National Association of Young Cricketers South (1981)
 National Cricket Association Young Cricketers (1981)
 Marylebone Cricket Club Young Cricketers (1982)
 Middlesex Under-25s (1983-1985)
 Middlesex (1984-1995)
 Lavinia, Duchess of Norfolk's XI (1985)
 Marylebone Cricket Club (2000)
 Middlesex County Cricket Club President's XI (2014)