Charsadda v Swat
Inter-District Senior Tournament 2015 (Peshawar Region)
VenueGymkhana Ground, Peshawar on 20th, 21st, 22nd May 2015 (3-day match)
Balls per over6
TossCharsadda won the toss and decided to bat
ResultCharsadda won by 108 runs
PointsCharsadda 9; Swat 0
UmpiresFarooq Bajwa, Jamshed Iqbal
Close of play day 1
Close of play day 2

Charsadda first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
*Ashfaq Ahmedrun out (Kishwar Ali)91     
Muhammad Idressc Hussain Arshad b Mohammad Qaisar Khan42     
Abdul Wajidc Hussain Arshad b Mohammad Qaisar Khan13     
Azam Janc Fawad Akbar b Kishwar Ali25     
Waqar Khanc Hussain Arshad b Amir Sohail12     
Faisal Kamalc Fawad Akbar b Amir Sohail60     
+Farhad Alinot out31     
Sajjad Ahmedc Amir Sohail b Kishwar Ali20     
Umair Khanb Kishwar Ali14     
Khadim Janb Kishwar Ali15     
Akmal Khan Durranib Kishwar Ali1     
Extras(1 b, 1 lb, 1 nb, 3 w)6
Total(all out, 82.3 overs)330
Fall of wickets:
1-105, 2-126, 3-172, 4-175, 5-228, 6-250, 7-285, 8-304, 9-324, 10-330 (82.3 ov)
Swat bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Afaq Ahmed9   0290--
Irfanullah10   23001-
Mohammad Qaisar Khan25   19722-
Mohammad Ibrahim11   0590-1
Kishwar Ali16.31645--
Jamaluddin6   1200--
Amir Sohail5   0292--

Swat first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Kishwar Alic Ashfaq Ahmed b Sajjad Ahmed101     
Bilalc Umair Khan b Sajjad Ahmed36     
Hussain Arshadlbw b Sajjad Ahmed8     
*Jamaluddinrun out (Umair Khan)25     
+Fawad Akbarc Abdul Wajid b Sajjad Ahmed48     
Mohammad Abbaslbw b Waqar Khan0     
Amir Sohailc and b Muhammad Idress19     
Mohammad Qaisar Khanb Muhammad Idress16     
Afaq Ahmedb Sajjad Ahmed19     
Mohammad Ibrahimnot out13     
Irfanullahc Khadim Jan b Sajjad Ahmed1     
Extras(2 b, 4 lb, 5 nb, 2 w)13
Total(all out, 81 overs)299
Fall of wickets:
1-101, 2-116, 3-154, 4-193, 5-195, 6-241, 7-247, 8-266, 9-297, 10-299 (81 ov)
Charsadda bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Khadim Jan9   3250--
Akmal Khan Durrani7   1270--
Umair Khan11   048024
Sajjad Ahmed27   51076-1
Ashfaq Ahmed16   2440--
Waqar Khan8   0301--
Muhammad Idress3   0122--

Charsadda second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
*Ashfaq Ahmedc Hussain Arshad b Kishwar Ali52     
Muhammad Idressc Fawad Akbar b Mohammad Qaisar Khan63     
Faisal Kamalc Fawad Akbar b Kishwar Ali56     
Waqar Khanc Bilal b Afaq Ahmed27     
Azam Jannot out51     
Sajjad Ahmedc Fawad Akbar b Amir Sohail10     
Khadim Janc and b Mohammad Qaisar Khan5     
Umair Khannot out2     
+Farhad Alidid not bat      
Abdul Wajiddid not bat      
Akmal Khan Durranidid not bat      
Extras(1 b, 2 lb, 1 nb, 6 w)10
Total(6 wickets, declared, 52.1 overs)276
Fall of wickets:
1-109, 2-122, 3-182, 4-217, 5-255, 6-266
Swat bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Afaq Ahmed7   21815-
Irfanullah6   1220--
Mohammad Qaisar Khan18.1111821-
Kishwar Ali11   0572--
Mohammad Ibrahim6   0350-1
Amir Sohail4   0231--

Swat second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Kishwar Alib Sajjad Ahmed23     
Bilalc Farhad Ali b Sajjad Ahmed51     
Amir Sohailc Azam Jan b Akmal Khan Durrani18     
+Fawad Akbarc Ashfaq Ahmed b Sajjad Ahmed8     
Hussain Arshadc Faisal Kamal b Sajjad Ahmed27     
*Jamaluddinc Khadim Jan b Akmal Khan Durrani15     
Mohammad Ibrahimlbw b Sajjad Ahmed5     
Mohammad Abbasc Farhad Ali b Akmal Khan Durrani14     
Mohammad Qaisar Khanlbw b Muhammad Idress6     
Afaq Ahmednot out13     
Irfanullahc Farhad Ali b Akmal Khan Durrani9     
Extras(4 b, 2 w, 4 pen)10
Total(all out, 50.5 overs)199
Fall of wickets:
1-60, 2-84, 3-96, 4-127, 5-131, 6-154, 7-154, 8-175, 9-175, 10-199 (50.5 ov)
Charsadda bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Khadim Jan4   0290--
Umair Khan6   131011
Sajjad Ahmed19   5705-1
Waqar Khan5   1100--
Ashfaq Ahmed4   0120--
Akmal Khan Durrani11.5239412
Muhammad Idress1   101--

--> Each first innings was limited to 83 overs





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